Heyday of the Juche Fine Art

  The Juche fine art is a revolutionary and people-oriented fine art in that it is national in form and socialist in content, and combines ideological and artistic qualities in a perfect manner.
   The foundation of the revolutionary Juche fine art was laid in the period of the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle led by President Kim Il Sung.
   Under the wise leadership of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the government of the DPRK, it further developed into a revolutionary and people-oriented fine art that actively contributes to the accomplishment of the revolutionary cause of Juche.
   With the advent of the Juche era, it took the highest and most brilliant place in the long history of the Korean nation’s fine art.
   The Juche fine art has entered a new phase of development amid the sweeping current of the vibrant new era. It is now developing into a genuine fine art of the people that rouses the masses of the people to the revolutionary struggle by vividly depicting the DPRK’s splendid reality with the prototype of the independent man at the centre.