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     It was established on August 7, Juche 75(1986).
   For the past 30 years since its establishment, it has developed into a base for creating Juche-oriented fine arts works conducive to the education of the masses of the people.
   In this course it has produced important works portraying the leaders and many other works which rouse all the people to the struggle to implement the policies of the Workers’ Party of Korea and thereby contribute to the socialist construction.
   It has created over 5 500 pieces of art works with high ideological and artistic quality, more than 500 of which have been designated as articles for the state. It has won prizes at over 130 State Art Exhibitions and other shows.
   It has also played a major role in creating artistic images for monumental edifices which symbolize the proud reality of Juche Korea and powerfully demonstrated worldwide the might of the Juche fine arts that has developed under the leadership of the WPK.
   It has produced many renowned artists who were awarded honourary titles of Labour Hero, People’s Artist, Merited Artist and National Artist.

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