Mass Cultural Activities in the DPRK

  In the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the masses of the people proactively take part in cultural activities under sponsorship of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the government.
   Mass cultural activities play an important role in educating the people in revolutionary spirit, rousing them to struggle and great feats and making the whole society filled with fighting mettle and revolutionary optimism.
   Because they are based on the personal experiences and lives of the workers, farmers and other working people, the works created during these activities are very appealing, militant, down-to-earth and vivid.
   True to the WPK’s policy of making art mass-based, all sectors and units organize brisk mass cultural activities among their staff members, thus making their workplaces vibrant with songs and dances and the whole country imbued with revolutionary optimism and emotions.
   The country has organized the Central Art Motivation Agency, and art teams and itinerary art groups in all the provinces, cities, counties, factories, enterprises and cooperative farms. They actively encourage the people in their struggle for socialist construction. Many people, regardless of ages and jobs, join them in accordance with their hopes and aptitudes and conduct various cultural and emotional activities.