Pyongyang, June 20 (KCNA) -- Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) and president of the State Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, watched a performance given by the Band of the State Affairs Commission, together with members of the Party central leadership organ.
  As he entered the auditorium of the theater amid the welcome music, all the participants burst into stormy cheers of "hurrah!"
  The members of the Party central leadership organ extended the warmest gratitude and the highest respect to the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, a great revolutionary and benevolent father, who set forth practical action programmes to powerfully lead the all-people grand advance to new victory and provided momentous policies through his round-the-clock guidance for four consecutive days with his ardent love for the country, the revolution, the people and posterity.
  Artistes of the Band of the State Affairs Commission sang high praises of the greatness of the Party Central Committee which indicates the most correct way at every important moment of socialist construction, opens up a broad avenue of development and prosperity and leads our state and people to the future of communism with confidence.
  The performance was acclaimed by the audience for reflecting the fighting spirit of all the people determined to bring about a bigger victory by rallying close around the Party Central Committee with one mind with absolute trust in the respected General Secretary, the ever-victorious banner of our Party and revolution and the whole destiny of socialist Korea.
  The respected General Secretary expressed thanks to the performers for supporting the success of the plenary meeting of the Party Central Committee and making all the audience harden their indomitable will to struggle with their unique and dynamic art performance.
  Waving back to the enthusiastically cheering people, he expressed belief that the participants of the plenary meeting would bear deep in mind the ideals of "The People Are God", single-minded unity and self-reliance as their unshakable creed, become the genuine revolutionaries who strive for our great state and people and guarantee the brilliant implementation of the fighting programme of our Party with innovative work results.
  The members of the Party central leadership organ were full of firm resolution and high enthusiasm to do their best to uphold the idea and leadership of the General Secretary and repay without fail the great trust and expectations of the General Secretary by implementing the decisions of the Party congress and the plenary meetings of the Party Central Committee in the most thorough and perfect way as if they have their work reviewed by the Party and the people every moment every day.