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  • History   It is a prestigious central art troupe of the DPRK which was personally organized by Chairman Kim Jong Il on July 17, Juche 60 (1971), during the days when he was guiding the work to create the revolutionary opera “The Sea of Blood” from the immortal classic of the same title.
       It is based in the Pyongyang Grand Theatre which is situated in Othan-dong, Central District, Pyongyang.
       Its main mission is to contribute to the ideological education of the people and their cultural and emotional life by staging operas including the five revolutionary operas like “The Sea of Blood” from the immortal classic of the same title and “The Flower Girl” adapted from the immortal classic of the same title, which were created under the personal guidance of Chairman Kim Jong Il and at the same time performing various music and dance pieces.
       Its typical works include operas like the revolutionary opera “The Sea of Blood”, “The Flower Girl” and “I Can Still See the Victory in the Revolution”, and the folk opera “The Tale of Chun Hyang”, the opera “A Dream of Red Mansions” and the opera “The Butterfly Lovers”, and music and dance pieces like the folk dance suite “Song of the Seasons” and the legendary dance drama “A Touch-Me-Not”.
       It is an influential art troupe that has created and staged numerous operas as well as music and dance pieces, thus greatly contributing to the development of the Juche art, in the course of which it was honoured with the Order of Kim Il Sung and produced over 100 People’s Artists and Merited Artists, People’s Artistes and Merited Artistes.
       It has given hundreds of times of performances of “The Sea of Blood”, “The Flower Girl” and many other operas and dance and music pieces in over 40 countries such as China, Russia, Italy, France, Germany, Japan, Mongolia, Cuba, Algeria and Romania. For their high ideological and artistic qualities, its works have commanded great admiration of the audience.


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