Pyongyang Acrobatic Theatre

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  •   Situated in Kwangbok Street, Pyongyang, it was inaugurated on May 1, Juche 78 (1989) as the home theatre of the National Acrobatic Troupe.
       It covers a total area of 15 945㎡ and has a 2 413-seat auditorium.
       The hexagonal part of the stage and the auditorium is located in the centre and hexagonal foyers are attached on its both sides.
       Various stages for physical acrobatics, magic, synchronized swimming and acrobatics on the ice, animal-taming are installed in a rotational form.
       The theatre is equipped with a dressing room that can accommodate over 300 persons at a time, big and small training rooms, training room for synchronized swimming and acrobatics on the ice, preliminary training rooms and other rooms for different purposes.
       It contributes to the cultural and emotional life of the people with its various performances.