Pyongyang Grand Theatre

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  •   Located in Othan-dong, Central District, Pyongyang, the Pyongyang Grand Theatre was inaugurated on August 13, Juche 49 (1960) as the home theatre of the Phibada Opera Troupe.
       It has the total floor space of over 30 000㎡.
       What is impressive about the theatre is the mosaic murals on the left and right sides of the front wall. The theatre is majestic and exquisite in that big and small gable-roofed blocks are laid in layers to form a grand traditional building. For its characteristic traditional architectural style, it is regarded as a major icon of the capital’s overall architectural formation.
       It has 1 262-seat auditorium, 600-seat conference hall, rotating stage set, over a hundred of creation rooms, dressing rooms, practice rooms, a polyclinic, a nursery school, a restaurant and a shop.
       The theatre has hosted the performances of the five revolutionary operas including “The Sea of Blood”, “The Flower Girl” adapted from the immortal classic works of the same titles, other performances, and various political and cultural events like the April Spring Friendship Art Festival.