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  The Korean Central Photograph Publicity Agency was founded on October 26, Juche 36 (1947) under the name of the Korean Pictorial Company and renamed so on February 7, Juche 74 (1985).
  It runs the Jangsubong Trading Company.
  It has the department of editing organization, revolutionary history documentary store, and editorial office of the pictorial Joson Hwabo, photo exhibition editorial office, historical data editorial department, photoshop department, publicity poster department, delegation photographing department, photo information department, welfare supply department, sanatorium and photo studio.
  It has produced many excellent works for the past 70 years.   For this it was honoured with the Order of Kim Il Sung and Order of the National Flag 1st Class and many officials    and    creative    workers    were    awarded    the    commendations  from  Chairman Kim Jong Il and General Secretary Kim Jong Un, watches inscribed with the autograph of President Kim Il Sung, Kim Il Sung Youth Honour Prize or the titles of Merited Journalist and Merited Artist.