Literary Paragraph /  Memorable Festival
  Memorable Festival

  Greeting the February holiday, amid the great expectation and interest of the Korean people, a People’s Art Festival in celebration of the 82nd birth anniversary of Kim Jong Il, the eternal Chairman of the National Defence Commission of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, was held in Pyongyang, the capital of the DPRK.
  The festival, divided into groups of art troupes, artistic information teams, mobile artistic motivation teams and art groups, was held at theatres and halls including the People’s Palace of Culture from February 11 to 18, Juche 113 (2024). And a magic festival was also held.
  The festival marked a significant occasion for furthering the spirit of all the Korean people who are advancing along the road of victory under the leadership of the Workers’ Party of Korea, handing down forever the immortal revolutionary career and exploits of Kim Jong Il, a great saint and peerless patriot.