In Pyongyang, capital city of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the 33rd April Spring Friendship Art Festival will be held.
  The festival to be held in celebration of the 112th birth anniversary (April 15, 1912) of President Kim Il Sung, is a grand political event that is dedicated to the praise of the great man, reflecting the desire of the world’s progressive artistes to advance along the road of independence and peace singing songs of friendship and unity.
  Video recordings of performances given by world artistes and art troupes will be televised through the Central TV and other media of the DPRK from April 11 to 25, Juche 113 (2024), and the going on of the festival and its result will be posted on this website and other websites on the Internet.
  To be staged at the festival are songs in praises of the great man and artistic works that sustain the specific features of the artistes and art troupes and their national emotions. Art troupes and artistes that have been selected after deliberation by the Festival Organizing Committee, including those of China and Russia, will present their works.
  The festival will further adorn the April holiday thanks to the desire of the artistes of the world, who aspire to exchange and cooperation in art under the ideals of independence, peace and friendship.