Literary Paragraph /  Woman and Spring
  Woman and Spring

  With warm love for the younger generation the women are devoting all their wisdom and passion to the dynamic advance of the country, regarding all hardships they undergo for the good of their children as pleasure.
  They are working on each of the fronts for national defence and the building of a powerful socialist country.
  The posts are full of spring scent all the year around and the resounding sound of songs of feats are heard at pulsating worksites thanks to the devotion the women make at the air, land and sea posts in the country.
  The Workers’ Party of Korea puts the women forward as flower of the family and the country as well as women revolutionaries.
  As there are the women who add fresh fragrance to the grand socialist family with great mental strength and devoted efforts, the country will surely enter the era of prosperity and only beautiful spring days are in store for our women.