Literary Paragraph /  Busy Season
  Busy Season

  All the farmers across the country are working with a soaring spirit to implement the ruling Workers’ Party of Korea’s policy on effecting a revolution in agriculture.
  The officials and other working people in the agricultural sector are firmly resolved to provide a sure guarantee for attaining the goal of grain production by making a good start of farming for this year.
  They are effectively doing farming jobs, including sowing, as required by the Juche farming method in order to attain the goal of grain production for this year without fail true to the decision of the Ninth Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the Party.
  With a resolute determination to carry out their mission unconditionally in solving the food problem of the country, they are devoting all their sincere sweat and patriotic enthusiasm in the fields.
  They, filled with confidence in victory, will surely bring about a high yield in grain production this year under the wise leadership of the Party.