Literary Paragraph /  Song of Ploughing
  Song of Ploughing

  Song of Ploughing, created in Juche 36 (1947), is a lyric song in the style of folk song which sings of the boundless joy of the agricultural workers who became the masters of land and came to plough on the land thanks to the agrarian reform enforced by President Kim Il Sung.
  It, in three stanzas, vividly depicts the vibrant working life of the agricultural workers who turned out in ploughing and sowing with joy and pride of being masters of the land in the liberated country.
  It also sings of their simple yet earnest feeling to live up to the benevolence of Kim Il Sung for all ages.
  The thematic and ideological content of the words is depicted with bright, cheerful, lively and beautiful melody.
  The song is still popular among the public.