Eternal Day of the Sun of Socialist Korea

  •   April 15, Juche 1 (1912) is the day when President Kim Il Sung, a peerlessly great man whom the Korean nation greeted for the first time in their 5 000-year history, was born.
       Having designated the day as the Day of the Sun, the Korean people celebrate the day every year as their greatest national holiday, and the progressive mankind, too, holds colourful celebratory events with their yearning and respect for the great man.
       To celebrate the day as the eternal holiday of their nation in a meaningful way is the unanimous wish of the Korean people, President Kim Il Sung’s descendents, and it is their most ennobling ideological feeling that they cannot live separated from him even a day.
       The career of President Kim Il Sung, who lived his whole life with devoted service for his country and fellow people, still goes on on this land, and as the Korean people have held another great sun, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, in high esteem, President Kim Il Sung’s sacred revolutionary career and imperishable exploits will shine for ever together with the meaningful Day of the Sun.