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  Great Defender of Juche Korea

  •   Now the revolutionary nature and powerful leadership unique to the Workers’ Party of Korea are being fully demonstrated and the national might and prestige of the DPRK have been raised on an unprecedented level.
       Experiencing this reality, all the Korean people feel more keenly the greatness of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who is opening up a new era of the development of the Party and the state.
       Kim Jong Un, General Secretary of the ever-victorious WPK represents the supreme dignity of the powerful DPRK and the banner of all victories and glory.
       Cherishing the most responsible and important mission in the days of carrying forward and developing the Juche revolution, the General Secretary, with his outstanding political acumen and leadership abilities, has firmly consolidated the foundations for the development of the Party and the accomplishment of the revolutionary cause of Juche and put the overall national power and position of the country on the highest level.
       Thanks to him, great defender of Juche Korea, socialism of the Korean style will remain strong and the future of the country is bright.