Looking Back the Course of Creating the Opera Dream of Red Mansions (1)

  •   Chae Myong Sok, Kim Il Sung Prize Winner and People's Artist of the Phibada Opera Troupe
       Dream of Red Mansions is a classical Chinese novel well known not only in China but also in the rest of the world.
       Chairman Kim Jong Il gave the honourable task of putting the classical novel on stage to the Phibada Opera Troupe.
       Already in the 1960s the DPRK had adapted the novel into the opera version.
       But we modified the storyline of the novel with vast content and numerous original characters by condensing its form with the love story between Bao-yu and Dai-yu as the central line, so as to give a profound explanation of the thematic and ideological content of the work. And by introducing stanzas, off-stage singing and dance and the harmonic orchestral music of our own style instead of hoarse-voice singing and recitative, which had been the main means of opera, we could re-present the work excellently.
       Thus, under the wise leadership of Chairman Kim Jong Il, the opera Dream of Red Mansions was re-presented in the style of the revolutionary opera Sea of Blood, constituting an occasion for demonstrating once again the development of our opera art.
       The Chairman saw the new opera Dream of Red Mansions, highly appreciated it as a ten-out-of-ten work and gave the performers and staff the greatest honour to be handed down for generations.
       In the future, too, we will fully display the pride in and honour of being the artists of the DPRK by making a number of world-startling operas, cherishing his care and trust.