Looking Back the Process of Creating the Opera Dream of Red Mansions (2)

  •   Ri Son Suk of the Phibada Opera Troupe
       The opera Dream of Red Mansions is my debut performance after I graduated from the university.
       I played the role of Dai-yu, the heroine of the work.
       In fact, anxiety, not pleasure, filled my mind as it was my debut performance; moreover, the fact that it was based on the foreign novel and the sense of responsibility to perform as the heroine added much to my embarrassment.
       At that time, it was our benevolent Party and all the revolutionary comrades of our creation staff that warmly led me forward.
       Thanks to their considerate and careful care and concern, I was able to fully perform the role entrusted to me and gave pleasure to Chairman Kim Jong Il.
       The Chairman saw our opera, highly appreciated it as a ten-out-of-ten work and gave me lavish praise of my singing and acting.
       I will, in the future, too, devote my wisdom and passion to further enriching the Juche-oriented opera art by ceaselessly improving my skills.