Looking Back the Process of Creating the Opera Dream of Red Mansions (3)

  •   Ri Jong Ran of the Phibada Opera Troupe
       The creation of the opera Dream of Red Mansions, which is excellent in both content and form, is inconceivable without the dance depiction incorporated within the opera.
       In re-creating it into a Sea of Blood-style revolutionary opera, we faced the important questions of how to realize a harmonious incorporation of dance and how to perform dance movements as required by the original.
       Among many challenges, it was the most difficult for our dancers to perform Chinese-style dance movements in a flawless manner as required by the original.
       Although many experts had painstakingly intensified their study and exerted themselves, it remained a knotty problem.
       Chairman Kim Jong Il, acquainting himself with this situation, had the measure taken to invite Chinese dance experts for a dance course and had all the procedural matters solved on a priority basis.
       Like this, the excellent dance movements of the opera were all possible thanks to his warm care.
       Indeed, the newly created opera Dream of Red Mansions is, both in name and in reality, a fruition of the genius and passionate leadership of Chairman Kim Jong Il.