Profound Musical Portrayal of the Philosophy of Victory
   On the Song Three Years of War

  •   The song Three Years of War, a masterpiece of the times, describes in a philosophical way how great and precious the victory in the war, achieved at the cost of blood, is by portraying the cruelty and fierceness of the three years of the Fatherland Liberation War.
       To see from the point of the current of history, three years are no more than a moment.
       But, the three years of the bloody war that claimed thousands of lives and ruined everything precious, created by great efforts, every day was a continuation of the days of suffering and pain.
       The lyrics of the song clarifies the idea that the blood-stained years filled with all the sufferings and pains enforced upon the Korean people by the US imperialists and the consequent wounds can never be forgotten, and the precious tradition of victory should be further exalted.
       As it instills in the Korean people and soldiers soaring hatred against the US imperialists and the confidence and optimism in sure victory, the song will resound on this land for ever.