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  National Acrobatic Troupe

  It was established on June 10, Juche 41(1952) and based in Pyongyang Acrobatic Theatre and Magic Theatre.
   Honoured with the Order of Kim Il Sung, it employs numerous creative workers and artistes and has Pyongyang Acrobatics School, supply base and catering base under it.
   It creates and performs various pieces of acrobatics including physical acrobatics, magic, synchronized swimming and acrobatics on the ice, animal-taming and clown.
   It has a powerful art force composed of scores of veteran People’s and Merited Artistes, masters of the stunning stunts like the flying trapeze with quadruple somersault, and talented young acrobats.
   It can stage over 50 excellent pieces of acrobatic works at any time. They include the world-known acrobatics “Big Flying Trapeze”, “Flying Girls”, “Flying Trapeze with Quintuple Somersault” and “Korean Teeterboard”. It has participated over 90 times in international circus festivals including the International Circus Festival Monte Carlo, Festival International du Cirque de Grenoble, IDOL WORLD FESTIVAL OF CIRCUS ART and CHINA WUQIAO INTERNATIONAL CIRCUS FESTIVAL, and won over a hundred gold and silver prizes.

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