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  National Theatrical Troupe

  Since it was established on May 22, Juche 35 (1946) as a central art troupe which specialized in creating and performing dramas, the National Theatrical Troupe has staged hundreds of dramas.
   It staged the revolutionary drama “The Mountain Shrine” on August 31, Juche 67 (1978), heralding the start of the new era of “The Mountain Shrine”-style revolutionary drama.
   Since then it has successfully created the five revolutionary dramas including “Blood at an International Conference”, “A Letter from a Daughter”, “Three Pretenders” and “Celebrations”.
   The Light Comedy “An Echo among the Hills” and the drama “We Will Recollect Today” were also excellent works representing its ability as a prestigious art troupe.
   It has produced many creative workers and artists who were awarded the Order of Kim Il Sung, commendations from President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il,  watches  inscribed  with  the   autograph of President Kim Il Sung, the National Reunification Prize and the titles of Labour Hero, People’s Artist, Merited Artist, People’s Artiste and Merited Artiste.


  Drama “Sentinel Under the Neon Lights”


  Drama “Selfless Devotion”


  Drama “We Will Recollect Today”


  Drama “General Ri Sun Sin”