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  National Folk Art Troupe

   Established on October 4, Juche 36 (1947), it has created and performed many songs and dance pieces and national instrumental music including the revolutionary operas “Tell O Forest” and “Song of Mt Kumgang”, the folk opera “Eight Fairies of Mt Kumgang” and “The Tale of Chun Hyang”, and the folk dance suite “People in the Walled City of Pyongyang”, the dance drama “Story of Sado Fort” and the dance suite “Self-reliance Is the Best Way”.
   It re-presented the folk opera “The Tale of Chun Hyang” and performed it before the delegates to the 13th World Festival of Youth and Students held in Pyongyang. And it also made performance tours in 11 regions of Japan including Tokyo, Nagoya and Kyoto.
   It has created and performed two revolutionary operas, about 30 operas including Korean classical operas, 60 dance suites, dramas and pieces and over 300 songs up to now. It was honoured with the Order of Kim Il Sung, the Order of the National Flag 1st Class, the Honorary Red Flag and People’s Prize. Many of its staff members have won Kim Il Sung Prize, Kim Il Sung Youth Honour Prize, February 16 Art Prize and the titles of People’s Artist, People’s Artiste, Merited Artist and Merited Artiste.


  Mixed group dance A Bumper Harvest


  Dance Fly High, Doves


  Dance Gourd Dipper Dance


  Dance Merry Hand-clapped Tune Dance