Grand Performance Shine, Jong Il Peak Held

  •    In February Juche 111 (2022) the grand performance Shine, Jong Il Peak in celebration of the 80th anniversary of the birth of
       Chairman Kim Jong Il was held in the Pyongyang Indoor Stadium amid the applause of Pyongyang citizens.
       The stadium, a sports and cultural centre and venue of various events including art performances, was filled with joy and excitement of the people who were greeting the Day of the Shining Star
      (Chairman Kim Jong Il’s birthday–February 16) as the greatest holiday of the nation and a grand festival of victory and glory, which would shine forever in the history of the country.
       The performance started with mixed duet and chorus Ode to
       Comrade Kim Jong Il
    and orchestra and chorus Shine, Jong Il Peak, followed by various colourful works including female quartet of folk singers and dance Greeting Spring on Jong Il Peak and women’s duo balancing I Think, Looking at You.
       As it gave an impressive ideological and artistic delineation of the revolutionary career of Chairman Kim Jong Il who is immortal in the hearts of the people, the performance splendidly decorated the February holiday.