Tanso–A Traditional Musical Instrument of Korea

  •   The Korean nation has created a large number of excellent cultural assets.
       Among them is tanso, which is a bamboo-wind instrument with its unique and distinctive timbre.
       The musical instrument came into being in the latter half of the 15th century, when the people cut a mouthpiece on the upper part of a piece of bamboo thriving in the southern region and five holes in its front and one hole in its back, and blew it. Under the leadership of the Workers’ Party of Korea, tanso was modernized so that it can produce a clear, refined, soft and pleasing sound.
       Contributing to portraying the optimistic life of the Korean people and their rich national emotion, it has become a must in the ensemble of the traditional musical instruments and the Korean-style, Juche-oriented mixed orchestra.
       With its modernization, its sound has become more refined and plaintive and its timbres and ranges have expanded so that its sound can be modulated easily.
       It can also skilfully apply various techniques such as tremolo, microtone, trill, staccato and jump.